Prep Drag and Drop

Instructions For Saving Your Doll

Drag the pieces of the doll to the white area.
Fix the doll until you are satisfied with the way she looks.
Press the [printscren] button (between the F12 and Scroll Lock)
Open up your paint program or graphics program and paste your screen capture.
Crop your image until you only have the doll.
Save as a .gif for web or .bmp for print.

Due to the amount of graphics this page takes time to load. Please be patient Thanks
If you display a doll on your website made here link back (simple text link is fine) so other people can make dolls! Everything in this dollmaker is uniquely made or recolored by me and IS NOT to be put into any other dollmaker or used for any doll other than this drag and drop.

Make Dolls Here:
Make Dolls Here:
Make Dolls Here:


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